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Paxton Door Entry & Video Surveillance systems from FlexiNet

The security of your premises is paramount. Say goodbye to outdated technology and complex systems that are difficult to administer.


We put monitoring back into your hands, so that video footage can be downloaded easily and entrance logs can simply be checked, without the fuss of complicated, technical hoops to jump through and having to match up times on different systems.

That's why we specialise in providing the Paxton 10 door entry and video surveillance solutions. Bringing you and your team total control over your sites . ​

Paxton Access Control and Paxton CCTV

Paxton Door Entry and Video Surveillance from FlexiNet

For over 30 years, Paxton have been a global leader in door entry systems. The Net2 system, with its comprehensive options and integration have paved the way for the new Paxton 10 solution.

The Paxton 10 is a fully networked solution, adding full remote support, surveillance integration and Bluetooth capability.

What's more - It's super easy to administer and control.

A network diagram of how Paxton 10 can work for access control and CCTV.
Paxton 10 Software on a PC, Mac, Tablet and Mobile phone.

Online Access control and Video management - all through one simple to use web portal

The new Paxton10 software supports remote access right out of the box. Access your system from anywhere, at any time, and from any device.

The intuitive, simple-to-use software allows your administrators complete remote control, allowing them to assign or revoke permissions, view footage and open individual doors, even when working remotely.


Video management is also provided within this "one pane of glass", so reviewing video footage has never been simpler, and with native time-stamping paired with your door entry system, you can find the footage you need - fast.

Improved fobs, Cards and Bluetooth functionality

Just like before, users can be assigned fobs and cards for access but now every Paxton 10 Reader is Bluetooth® compatible as standard.

This means users can utilize the Paxton Key app, to grant access through doors with your smartwatch, smartphone, or tablet. It even works without ever taking your smartphone out of your bag or pocket!

The free Bluetooth® smart credentials are easy to issue and use, and allow you to open any Paxton10 door you have been granted access to, using the Paxton Key app.

Overall this helps users on-site, with quick and easy access, while lowering your organisation's ongoing costs of replacing expensive fobs and cards that have been lost or damaged.
The Paxton Key App, loaded onto a mobile phone and smart watch.
Paxton 10 Turret CCTV unit

Native CCTV Intergration

CCTV systems are historically complex, slow and generally unfriendly to the end-user. What's more, they are rarely linked to access control, due to the limitations of older technology. 

Combining these two solutions into a single, user-friendly system makes managing the security of your site much simpler.

Access control natively links with the CCTV, time stamping and allowing you to easily match footage of the door opening or closing, with the request from the access control.

What's more, Paxton have redesigned the CCTV mould; with plug-and-play PoE+ cameras, and removing the requirement for separate NVR or DVR's.

Features galore...

Up to 1000 Doors

Paxton's One Door Controller pedigree continues, with up to 1000 doors being controlled on one P10 server.

Up to 1000 Cameras

Set up sophisticated CCTV with ease using Paxton's P10 cameras, or 3rd party intergrations.

Bluetooth® smart credentials

Use any bluetooth device, such as mobiles phones or smart watches to open doors, barriers or gates.

Compatible with PaxLock & Entry ranges

Wireless entry handle systems are available and plug and play into the system.

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