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VoIP from FlexiNet

VoIP technology is transforming the way the business world communicates. It allows you and your team to make and receive calls anywhere; in the office, working from home, or even while overseas.

What's more, we include all of the "bells and whistles". We don't charge you extra for Auto-Attendants, Ring Groups, Call Queuing, Voicemails or Mobile Apps, which can add unexpected costs. All of these features form part of our fully inclusive telephony solution.

VoIP solution from FlexiNet | Showing a Yealink T54w, a Mac and an iPhone device running CallSwitch from TelcoSwitch.

CallSwitch from FlexiNet

The CallSwitch hosted solution delivers a suite of  powerful collaboration tools, third-party integrations, and fully supported hardware options that mobilise employees in an affordable, efficient  way.

CallSwitch through FlexiNet enables your team to connect and collaborate in the ways that work best for them, through voice,  instant messaging, call recording, online meetings, screen sharing, and much more.

CallSwitch from FlexiNet | Linking a Mobile, PC and Desk Phone together for Inclusive calls and allowing you to work from home.
Screenshots of the CallSwitch Communicator applicaton on the PC and Mac.

Powerful applications that simplify communication

We understand that flexibility is key to your business and it's in our name! That's why we give you full inclusive access to the CallSwitch Communicator suite without having to pay extra for it.

The CallSwitch Communicator app allows employees to take all their communications channels with them wherever they go, however they work, and on whatever device they choose (BYOD), be it 
desktop (Windows and Mac OS) or mobile (iOS and Android).

CRM Intergration

Efficiency is key for remote working and ensuring your customers receive the care and responsiveness they require.

CRM integration plays a key role in this and at FlexiNet, we provide you with CRM integrations to Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar CRM, HubSpot, Zendesk, Bullhorn, Pipedrive and many more straight out of the box.

What's more, if you use a bespoke web-based CRM, we are able to provide both click-to-dial and ‘screen pop’ functionality.

We also can offer voice integration with Microsoft Teams, delivering a cost-effective and resilient solution for hosted telephony in a Microsoft world.
Cloud showing how CallSwitch links with various CRMs including Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, Dynamics, Bullhorn, Pipedrive and Vtiger
Screenshot of Atmos Call Recording solution.

Inclusive Call-Recording

Call Recording is often expensive and complex to set up. But at FlexiNet, we're proud to be able to include 3 months of rolling storage for all our customers. With different options of setup; you choose what level of recording you need - be it all calls, record on demand, or just certain extensions.

If your businesses requires MiFID II / PCI compliance or you require longer term storage, our competitive enhanced call recording bolt-on is ideal. We can link your existing solution onto our fully secure solution, allowing a full cloud-based call recording and analytics platform. With powerful AI analytics, full audited access combined with long-term storage the solution is ideal for businesses who require more from their call recording package.

Features galore...

Hot Desking

Switch desks quickly in shared office environments or multiple locations

Instant Conference Calling

Set up private virtual conference rooms with external dial-in and instant drag and drop functionality

Soft/Mobile Client

Make and receive calls & messages on any device - your mobile PC/Laptop

Instant Messaging

Send messages, screenshots and attachments to your CallSwitch contacts straight from the apps.





Call Queueing

Intelligent Call Queuing helps keep your customers informed when your phone lines are busy. 

CRM Integration

Integration with multiple CRM solutions including MS Dynamics, Salesforce and Zoho straight out of the box.







Auto Attendant

Handle and route calls professionally and efficiently.

Call Centre Functionality

Level up your customer service and agent productivity with our call centre bolt on.

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